Fashion Model Agency - briefly in English

Fashion Model Agency is a Finnish modern high-class company on international standards.

Model Agency & Model School

Founded 2004

Fashion Model Agency

Founder and CEO Merja Kupiainen-Groundstroem, has worked on a field of modeling since 1978, she has worked on fashion and beauty industry nearly 40 years!

Our training courses are the widest and highly spoken of. Behind the quality stands a group of clothing and fashion industry's multitalents as well as entertainment, marketing and media industry professionals, which of many carry experience of even tens of years.

Please note that only the models that are currently resident in Finland or staying in Finland for a longer period of time are involved in our trainings and bookings.

On the form, we will ask all the necessary information so that we can return to you with targeted information.

Please note that we request that you add a link to your image.

Model submissions through this link.


Our office is located in Helsinki, Finland.

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